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List Rental

At Datainsight our objective is to find new customers at the best cost per acquisition possible. To do this we undertake a comprehensive assessment of your needs and your target market.

In many instances our approach will involve profiling your exisiting customers to understand what are the key characteristics that define your target audience.

This translates into list selection based on key attributes such as gender, age, location, income or proximity. Additional data overlays such as attitudes and preference will further refine the targeting effort.

Selecting a list is not alway straight forward if you want results....but we can make it easier and enable your business to generate better outcomes.

If you are interested in any of the following please contact us for a quote.

  • List rental or purchase
  • List profiling
  • Consumer lists
  • Business lists
  • Lifestyle lists
  • Email, SMS or MMS lists
  • List merging
  • List cleaning
  • List de-deduplication